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PGR Affiliate Hidden Gems At Game Blast 18

Hidden Gems, a new Facebook Group creating news and reviews dedicated to indie games and lesser known more niche titles, are taking part in Game Blast 18 over the weekend 23-25 February 2018. The event, which now has over 100 signups from Games Media sites, YouTubers, Streamers and other game content creators, was set up by Special Effect, a charity that makes specialised controllers and other peripherals for people with a wide range of disabilities and ailments which prevent them from using more traditional controllers to play video games. The equipment Special Effect build helps people use technology and social media platforms which many of us take for granted, in order to substantially increase their quality of life.


Hidden Gems will be creating written articles on their Facebook Group and videos on their YouTube channel, BAD Influence, which was inspired by a popular video game show hosted by Violet Berlin in the late ‘80s as well as other UK gaming celebrities such as Robert Florence of Console Vania and Video Gaiden fame, to name a couple of his shows.


Befittingly, Martin McCurdie (aka Big Angry Dad82) the driving force who created Hidden Gems, is a fellow Scotsman like Robert Florence and had the following to say:


I have been trying to break into the games industry for years, writing reader’s letters to Game Central on the Metro news site since I was a young lad. I came up with the idea for Hidden Gems around the summer of last year and launched the group on 15 July 2017. I’m quite taken aback by how quick we’ve grown in just six months and it’s great to be given the opportunity to support such a wonderful cause such as Special Effect. We took part in one of their last big events in September 2017 called One Special Day where the grand total was announced as £446,000. Which is unbelievable and I hope we can help raise even more for this fantastic charity.


I honestly don’t know where I would be without Games. They inspired me as a child growing up and got me through some bad times in my young adult life. If I was unable to play games or even just talking to friends and loved ones on social media I couldn’t live without it in this day and age. I really wish Special Effect every success and hope that my group can play some small part.


If you would like more information on Hidden Gems and their contribution to Game Blast 18 please see the following links:


Official donate page at Just Giving:    JUSTGIVING.COM


Hidden Gems Facebook Group:    FACEBOOK GROUP


Hidden Gems promotion for Gameblast on their Facebook Group:    GAMEBLAST PROMOTION ON FACEBOOK


Game Blast 18 official site:    GAMEBLAST 18


Special Effect official site:    SPECIAL EFFECT WEBSITE


Contact information for Martin McCurdie, Hidden Gems’ founder – Email: – Mobile Number: 07488379631



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